Bas van der Horst works with a team of experienced professionals on creative solutions. For local businesses, education sector, government and healthcare. For advertising and communications agencies. With great attention to detail.



  • Art direction

    Style definition, design, translation and development of creative concepts. Managing designers, DTP specialists and photographers.

  • Visual identity

    The process of concept, design, and guidance in the development and monitoring of a visual identity that suits the organization.

  • Productions

    Print and editorial design, illustrative works and books. Visual concepts for conferences, exhibitions and (real estate) project marketing.

  • Printed matter

    Delivered at the right time in the right place, with an excellent price and the best quality.

  • Webdesign

    Design and development of comprehensive websites, web shops, apps and (multi-user) platforms.





Clients are mostly active in the legal profession, architecture, automotive world, consulting firms, cosmetic industry, financial / technology companies, fundraising, offshore industry, real estate developers and publishers. As well as municipalities, provinces (government), interest groups in education and healthcare.

A selection:

Acapture / Agents After All / African Parks Network / Albers De Vries / Amstelring / Antoni van Leeuwenhoek / AO Consult / Aqua-IT / Balk Legal / BIJ12 / Bosgroepen / Compris / Bureau Spoorbouwmeester / Commpositie / Cruzado / Drukproef / Dura Vermeer / European Federation for Living (EFL) / Entercare / ERIKS / Hospice Bardo / Interprovinciaal Overleg (IPO) / JME Communicatie / Landgoed Groenendaal / La Prairie / Leguit+Roos / Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport / Nieuw Amstelrade / NMUV / Onderwijsconsulenten / Oogvereniging / Payvision / Pennies From Heaven / Platform Bèta Techniek / PO-raad / Proefdiervrij / Quatro Systems / Rabobank International / Regionaal TechnoCentrum Amsterdam / Rosenmullers / Safened / Schoolleidersregister VO / Sightcorp / Sociaal Cultureel Planbureau / Sociale Verzekeringsbank / SsangYong / Stern Mercedes-Benz / The Missing Sync / Top Sector Life Sciences & Health / Universiteit van Amsterdam / VdBoon Autobedrijven / VO-raad / Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam / Zorgbelang Noord-Holland / Zorginstituut Nederland.


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